Applications of Spice Oleoresin and Oils

spice oleoresin

What is spice oleoresin

Oleoresin are the authentic extracts of spices where you get the wholesome flavour and aroma of the spice. Spice oleoresin are characterised by high potency of active components thus which can be used in small dosages. Spice Oils and Oleoresin are used to advantage wherever spices are used, for example beverages, meat canning, confectionery, Sauces and Pharmaceuticals and base for some seasonings, also in those applications, where the appearance/ filler aspect of spice is important. Usage of spice oleoresin leads to standardisation in taste and consistency in flavor. So, that’s why spice oleoresin are one of the imperative substance in food and beverage industry.

Why and Where Spice oleoresin are used

In processed meats

  • Application in meat for imparting flavour and maintaining the quality of the products.
  • Some seasoning mix for fresh sausages, for example, consists of pepper, capsicum, ginger, nutmeg, plus herbs.
  • Cardamom and coriander oleoresin are used for dry sausages and pickled meats.


In soups, sauces, chutneys, dressings and snacks

  • The demand of dry mix for ready reconstitution, has caused a rapid move from conventional seasoning towards encapsulated oleoresin and oils.
  • Easily incorporate encapsulated products like onion, garlic, capsicum and paprika in to these range of food matrices.
  • Coriander and ginger oleoresin extracts are most commonly used in barbeque sauces.
  • Essential component of snack product appeals are flavouring, because the flavour is often applied on the surface, either by spray coating or dusting.
  • For the flavouring application of snacks pepper, chili, cumin and celery, are widely used and for the colour applications turmeric and chili extracts are used.


In cosmetics

  • Spice oils are widely used in the preparation of creams, soaps. shampoos, lacquers, lipsticks, etc.
  • Granular extract of spices are now used as natural beadlets in shampoos and face washes.
  • The perfumery industry is using spice oleoresin and oils for the purpose of aroma.


In pharmaceuticals

  • Both spice oleoresin and oils are widely used in pharmaceutical industry for the development of health supplements.
  • Most commonly used as dietary supplements.
  • Curcumin, extract of turmeric is the most demanded nutraceutical ingredient from spices.
  • Nutraceutical ingredients from spice extracts are offered to use for various medical conditions and to cure the human body from many diseases.

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