AshwaBEST™ – Uniquely standardized ashwagandha extract (USP/HPLC)

AYURVEDIC SOLUTIONS TO NUTRITION Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) is a popular Ayurvedic adaptogen widely investigated by modern evidence-based scientific research. With more than 3000 years of documented history of usage, Ashwagandha has won the consumer preference for a wide range of health benefits, ranging from stress, immunity, sleep, performance, vitality, muscle strength, fertility issues, lipid profile … […]

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CurQfen® – Beyond Bioavailability

We all know that it is the multitude of health beneficial pharmacological effects, unique pleiotropic mechanism of action and extreme safety profile of curcumin as demonstrated by thousands of academic research papers that turned ‘turmeric’ (Curcuma longa L) as the most preferred herbal supplement of the consumers worldwide.  The antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-proliferative and anti-neurodegenerative effects … […]

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BlaQmaxTM – Optimized black seed exctract for sound sleep

Why BlaQmax™ is innovative? BlaQmax™ is the only patented ingredient from Nigella sativa extract (oil & powder form) with a unique composition of thymoquinone, manufactured by a proprietary process comprising supercritical fluid extraction, cold-pressing and water extraction methods. BlaQmax™ is standardised and shown to be safe and efficient at a dosage of 100 to 200 mg/day. In … […]

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Boost your immunity naturally

In the present scenario, consumers are in search of safe NATURAL ingredients that may help them in balancing immunity and well-being. Ayurveda, the traditional systems of medicine in India, has been practising several botanical preparations. Surprisingly, they are all mainly made up of spices & some unique herbals. Spiceuticals® have adopted the most common immunity … […]

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CurQfen® – A Curcumin Supplement for Heart, Brain, Liver & Joint Health

curcumin supplement

CurQfen® —  is a USA patented new generation bioavailable curcumin supplement with free curcuminoids absorption and blood-brain-barrier permeability. CurQfen the only curcumin supplement has been investigated to enhanced free curcuminoids bioavailability in human subjects and the measurement of the ratio of free-form curcumin to the biologically inactive curcumin glucuronides. Curcuminoids, the natural yellow pigment of curry spice turmeric … […]

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Applications of Spice Oleoresin and Oils

spice oleoresin

What is spice oleoresin Oleoresin are the authentic extracts of spices where you get the wholesome flavour and aroma of the spice. Spice oleoresin are characterised by high potency of active components thus which can be used in small dosages. Spice Oils and Oleoresin are used to advantage wherever spices are used, for example beverages, … […]

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Capsifen® : Healthy Fat Metabolism and Burn Calorie Naturally

natural fat metabolism from red chili

Capsifen® – Designed and tailored to satisfy the challenges related to dealing  with, protection and consumption of pungent capsaicinoids without compromising its physiological advantages. Capsifen® is a natural hydro-ethanolic extract of pink chili peppers, formulated in the beadlet form, using soluble nutritional fiber (Galactomannans) isolated from the spice, Fenugreek (Trigonella foenum gracum). A patent-pending technology … […]

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