Natural Colours for Food & Beverage Applications

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Natural colours are used in foods and beverage industry for various reasons. They make food products more visually appealing and emphasize or identify flavors normally associated with various applications.

The use of naturally extracted food colouring from different spices has been increased considerably over the last few years because of increasing in consumer demand for natural food products and consumer avoidance of artificial food additives.

As a natural food colours manufacturer in India we develop food colouring additives from various spices like turmeric, red chilies, hibiscus etc. and offers multiple tints of yellow, red, pink and orange colours from the combinations of paprika, curcumin and hibiscus. Our colour ranges is based on your application, specification and/or requirements and also we can suggest the best options and trials for your applications.natural coloring

Why Akay is the best choice for natural colours

  • We do not use or incorporate any kind of chemical modifications to the naturally extracted colours for satisfying any conditions.
  • We guarantee our product stability under varying properties like pH, heat and light
  • Customised formulations are used to make our products sustainable
  • Non-GMO and allergen free


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