CurQfen® – A Curcumin Supplement for Heart, Brain, Liver & Joint Health

curcumin supplement

CurQfen® —  is a USA patented new generation bioavailable curcumin supplement with free curcuminoids absorption and blood-brain-barrier permeability. CurQfen the only curcumin supplement has been investigated to enhanced free curcuminoids bioavailability in human subjects and the measurement of the ratio of free-form curcumin to the biologically inactive curcumin glucuronides. Curcuminoids, the natural yellow pigment of curry spice turmeric … […]

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Natural Colours for Food & Beverage Applications

natural colours manufacturers in india

Thank you for rating us as the best natural colours manufacturer in India 🙂 🙂 🙂 Natural colours are used in foods and beverage industry for various reasons. They make food products more visually appealing and emphasize or identify flavors normally associated with various applications. The use of naturally extracted food colouring from different spices … […]

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Applications of Spice Oleoresin and Oils

spice oleoresin

What is spice oleoresin Oleoresin are the authentic extracts of spices where you get the wholesome flavour and aroma of the spice. Spice oleoresin are characterised by high potency of active components thus which can be used in small dosages. Spice Oils and Oleoresin are used to advantage wherever spices are used, for example beverages, … […]

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Capsifen® : Healthy Fat Metabolism and Burn Calorie Naturally

natural fat metabolism from red chili

Capsifen® – Designed and tailored to satisfy the challenges related to dealing  with, protection and consumption of pungent capsaicinoids without compromising its physiological advantages. Capsifen® is a natural hydro-ethanolic extract of pink chili peppers, formulated in the beadlet form, using soluble nutritional fiber (Galactomannans) isolated from the spice, Fenugreek (Trigonella foenum gracum). A patent-pending technology … […]

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Nature’s Choice for Peri-menopausal Symptoms & Women Health

menopausal symptoms and women health

FenuSMART® is an extract from fenugreek seeds (GRAS listed kitchen spice), titrated 30% saponins, 10% protodioscin, trigonelline and 3% 4-hydroxydestine. FenuSMART® Benefits for Womens Helps to reduce the peri-menopausal discomforts Helps to improve the quality of life Helps to keep the hormonal balance Helps to manage hot flashes Helps to boost libido Provide energy and … […]

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procynCi® : USA Patented Cinnamon Extract Supplement With Improved Efficacy

cinnamon extract supplier

In the food and beverage industry, Akay Group is considered as the largest cinnamon extract manufacturer and exporter. We manufacture and supply de-coumarinated cinnamon extract powder with coumarin content NMT 250 ppm. procynCi®, Natural cinnamon extract powder from Akay received USA patent for its processing technology & composition. It is standardized to the highest levels of bioactive … […]

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FENUMAT™ Enhance Bioavailability Naturally

– An Innovative Green Approach in Oral Delivery Recent upsurge on various health beneficial effects of phytonutrients derived from spices and herbs have created a huge demand for well-studied phytonutrient-rich extracts as potential health promoting or health guarding agents of nature. Though a number of such phytonutrients and micronutrients have shown to be effective in … […]

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Blood-Brain-Barrier permeability and free curcuminoids delivery of CurQfen®

Recent advances in the bioactivity of curcuminoids and their conjugated metabolites have demonstrated that the real challenge in the translation of the beneficial pharmacological activities of curcumin lies in the ability of a formulation to provide significantly high levels of free unconjugated curcuminoids (curcumin, demethoxycurcumin and bisdemethoxycurcumin) into the blood and further into the organ … […]

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