procynCi® : USA Patented Cinnamon Extract Supplement With Improved Efficacy

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In the food and beverage industry, Akay Group is considered as the largest cinnamon extract manufacturer and exporter. We manufacture and supply de-coumarinated cinnamon extract powder with coumarin content NMT 250 ppm.

procynCi®, Natural cinnamon extract powder from Akay received USA patent for its processing technology & composition. It is standardized to the highest levels of bioactive & bioavailable procyanidin type A/B polymers and it is used as enhanced antioxidant, antidiabetic, hypolipidemic, weight management potential, suitable for the management of diabetes and metabolic syndrome.

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De-coumarinated cinnamon extract powder with coumarin content NMT 250 ppm :




Coumarin is a toxic content of Cinnamon. The cinnamon water extracts currently available in the market contains 0.8% – 1.2% coumarin content in it. Our procynCi® is a de-coumarinated cinnamon extract with coumarin content NMT 250 ppm. procynCi® is enriched with polyphenols more than 40%, while the cinnamon water extracts currently available contains only 15-20% polyphenols in it. We have characterized all the procyanidin type-A oligomers contents in procynCi®. Our procynCi® contains more than 6% procyanidins in it. In addition, we have published animal study showing the enhanced antidiabetic activity of our cinnamon extract – procynCi®. We also have studies to show that procynCi® has better activity towards alpha-glucosidase, alpha -amylase, and insulin potentiating activity than the normal water extract.

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